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Footprints in the Shadow of Giants
- the race to the center within -
 Benefit Statement


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The following is taken from the introduction to Pat's book:

read by Alex Burton - Click here to listen.

 "Footprints in the Shadow of Giants"     

-the race to the center within-

 The first footprint that you make when leaving your comfort zone, is the most important step you will ever take. It is the
beginning of your awakening to a new perception
of yourself. It is a Footprint that can never be erased. It is a symbol of
your commitment to walk, fly, think, or run into the unknown, to find that part of yourself that you have
never challenged to the extreme. Each footprint you make
towards that goal will change your life, and will
remain embedded in the
experience of those who wondered “why, ” as you passed them by, long after you have 

reached that center within.


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(Click pictures to enlarge.)