Patrick Johns

Professional Motivational Speaker and Corporate Trainer

The Only Man in History to Run the Grueling
Himalayan 100 Mile Running Race Four Times!
An Agent of Change, Pat Presents:
Footprints in the Shadow of Giants
It's not about running - it's about living”

Pat Johns will take your organization to the top! 
An expert motivator, Pat works with organizations that want to fast forward their performance, productivity and profits. 
Running over 60 marathons and ultra marathons globally, Pat finished the 2005 Himalayan 100, as the single figure in history to complete the high-altitude 100 mile running race four times.  This perspective has formulated his compelling, dynamic and vibrant presentations.  However, Pat’s message is not simply about running, it’s about how people change when they choose to do difficult things. An award-winning corporate leader, he translates his exceptional endurance message to business and to life!

Pat is as results driven as my clients, Hank Bashore, Chairman of The Board of Directors, of the American Red Cross, confirms: “He makes you realize that you can do it too." 

From Carol Neves, Director, Office of Policy & Analysis, of the Smithsonion Institution : “His presentations are well-managed processes that produce visible changes.” 

Committed to excellence, Pat brilliantly tailors his presentations to meet client’s goals and objectives while working seamlessly to incorporate their theme, company identity and logos. Clients concur:

“ In addition to Mr. Johns offering a fantastic and meaningful presentation, I was equally grateful for the amount of time and effort that he obviously spent in preparation for this event. Pat was involved from start to finish to help insure that our Executive Association Day was a big success.”

Laura McKinney, CAE Director, Membership & Chapter Relations, IAEE - International Association of Exhibitions and Events™.

Pat Johns inspires, enlightens, energizes and entertains audiences by magically weaving his incredible photographs and stories with powerful insightful beliefs delivering a call to action to step out of the COMFORT ZONE to discover genuine fulfillment professionally and personally.

Footprints in the Shadow of Giants is Pat’s most recent book.  His photos and articles are featured in worldwide magazines: Runner’s World, Ultra Running, Health & Fitness, Life and Style, and WE. 

Pat has produced programming for National Public Radio/KERA.  He is a frequent TV and radio guest and is considered the "Leadership Expert" by Fox News Dallas.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Change
  • Leadership
  • Success
  • Team Building

Pat's Most Requested Programs

Footprints in the Shadow of Giants:

       "We are all explorers on life's incredible trail" 

Journey with Pat Johns to the "Shadow of Giants," Mt Everest and four of the five world’s tallest peaks. He reveals secrets learned from the world's top endurance athletes: those who participate in the grueling Himalayan 100 Mile Running Race.

Pat's investigation into the psychology and motivation of this small group of elite athletes has yielded a unique understanding of the common core values of these diverse competitors from around the world.  He translates this experience to business and life through the 5C’s with the Result: taking your organization over the top in profits, performance and productivity! 


"How does Pat Johns manage to get his incredible pictures with the local indigenous people in far away lands?"  It's about Access.  

We are all indigenous to our own culture. See how utilizing the same techniques that Pat employs to gain trust with the amazing people he photographs, translates in an entertaining, powerful and extraordinarily colorful way to better business practices. 

  • Pat Johns will demonstrate how you too, can gain ACCESS to win in staff-management relations, customer relations and other relationships critical to company success.
  • It is about Trust, Sincerity and Compassion and you can't fake it.
  • It is all about how we feel in our heart that defines how we relate to those around us.


“You exceeded our expectations in your speaking presentation to kick off our meeting....your research of our objectives and challenges for 2005 was seamlessly integrated so you were able to blend a personal journey with business objectives and results!”,

Lisa Slough, Sr. Vice President Sales & Marketing,  Dearborn Financial Services  

"I've heard many inspirational speakers, but Pat has a genuine quality where he speaks at a level which reaches every man and woman. He makes you realize that you can do it too."

Hank Bashore, Chairman of The Board of Directors, American Red Cross 

"Thank you again for your excellent presentation at CB Richard Ellis. You certainly spoke to the core challenges faced by real estate professionals and all those in attendance were both encouraged and enlightened…... The colorful presentation and the stunning photography of your Himalayan adventures were outstanding.”

Bill Heap, Vice President, Kennedy Association                                                                                                                                                 “Mr. Johns' messages are heartfelt and clear; most important, he has earned the credibility to provide a heavy dose of empowerment to the audience. His presentations are well-managed processes that produce visible changes.”

Carole Neves, Ph.D. Director, Office of Policy & Analysis, Smithsonian Institution  

“In public education, our challenges oftentimes appear to be impossible tasks. Pat's program reminds us that we can accomplish those high expectations … My hope is that teachers and school administrators everywhere will have the opportunity to hear him."

Dr. K. Lyle Froese, Ed.D, Sherman Director Curriculum/Instruction, Region 10 Texas